Fyreye Amulet
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Grasp the amulet and speak the command word. The next time you open your eyes you have heat ray vision until you close them again.

When you don this amulet you feel a comfortable warmth flow through you. This effect persists for as long as you wear the amulet.

When you grasp the amulet and speak the command word the next time you open your eyes you have heat ray vision. The effect persists and grows in intensity the longer you hold them open and ends when you close your eyes.

Heat-Ray Vision
60ft ray, up to 3 targets in a 30deg cone
starts at 1 intensity and grows by 1 per round.
Deals 2d6 fire damage per intensity.
At 5 intensity the damage is tripled and your eyes are burned from their sockets.

Damage: 2d6 per intensity*
Save: Dex (half damage)
Action: bonus to initiate, free after
Range: 60 feet
Targets: 1 (if you use your eyes to attack or cast a spell on subsequent turns this must also target that target)
Charges: 1
Recharge: 1 per day, or when exposed to daylight spell
Must have eyes

Ausuavier crafted this item for his wife who was notorious for always feeling cold regardless of the season.